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HostBluff Migrates to iOS5

Attention All HostBluff Customers,

In our lab tests, we have determined that Windows ME was simply too stable to meet our needs, we have made the strategic decision to migrate our entire Hosting Cluster to iOS5. iOS5 embraces the prison-like mindset of by implementing useless restrictions in the name of security and pointless crashes.

As part of our migration, our control panel will be revamped, please see below for a screenshot of the new system.

We are 100% positive the new Control Panel and Operating System Changes will increase our downtime by a least 34%

In the future, if we decide to move to a completely useless platform, we may take another look at the BlackBerryOS. Unfortunately, while we have found it to be mostly useless, it turns out that it does a good job with email. Our hopes is that RIM breaks it more in BB10.

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