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How do I post on your Forum??

HostBluff now has a forum for all customers and readers. You may create your own account for free by following this link . Once your account is setup, you may visit the forum via

Where are your servers hosted??

HostBluff currently runs out of our private datacenter conviently located in the beautiful Lost City Of Atlantis. This allows us to have slow ping times to almost every country on the planet.

What are your server specifications?

All of our servers run at least 4 MB of RAM and 1 PETABYTE of Storage on our Floppy Disk RAID Array System. All servers run the latest version of Windows ME and Netscape Navigator. We proudly run our own “Pink Elephant” Virtualization Platform.  All servers are connected to their own Dial Up Modem however the lines are disconnected most of the time.

How many websites do you host?

Around 3.2

Why wasn’t your Blog updated in a few days?

I donno, I get lazy sometimes.

Do you offer Refunds?

Not at all, you have got to be kidding. In short, NO.

Do you allow _______ to be hosted?

Sure, there are no restrictions as to what you are allowed to host on our network. Its not like our servers are ever online anyway?

Do you allow adult content to be hosted?

Please look up 3 lines… see it… still have any questions?

Do you allow SPAM emails to be sent?

Sure, there are no restrictions as to what you are allowed to host on our network. Of course take note that we dont actually power on our servers so your spam campaigns will most likely fail.

I was insulted by your live chat?

Perfect, please contact us with the chat representatives name for nomination as employee of the month

Why does your order page show a video of a Storm Trooper doing pelvic thrusts?

Ohh how cute, you thought this was a real hosting site. Your not alone. If you have not figured it out, HosBluff is our little April Fools Day Joke gone bad.

But April Fools Day is Over, why is the site still up?

Honestly we intended to take it down a week after we put it up. The problem is that we are still getting an insane amount of internet traffic. So we are keeping the site open indefinitely.

What is the point of HostBluff?

HostBluff was designed to be both a prank and to poke fun at some of the scams and marketing gimmicks involved in the web hosting industry. HostBluff can be your go-to guy in any of the following situations;

  • Forums – Have you ever seen a person who is just asking for something insanely stupid on a forum such as Unlimited Super Alpha Hosting, Warez Hosting or Spam Hosting, send them to us pretending to be a satisfied customer
  • As a day to day joke – Feel free to get back at your friends for playing that joke on you in 3rd grade
  • Kiddie Web Hosts – Do you ever see those posts where someone wants a reseller account for their summer business. Save their future customers the headache and send them here.
  • SEO Hosting – We will take them and break the scam to them gently

How can I have my site listed on

If you own a business and would like to be featured on, please email [email protected] for rates and details. We accept offers from Web Hosting Companies, Web Design Companies, Internet Marketing, Internet Support and other Online Services.

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