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HostBluff – New Terms of Service Entry : Use of Colors

Attention All HostBluff Customers,

We are appending our missing terms of Service Document to include the following clause;

All websites that are hosted on the HostBluff Network should refrain from using no more then 2 colors on all web pages, images, documents and banner ads. These 2 colors are Black and White. If any website owner is found to be violating this policy, we will swiftly suspend the website, kidnap a puppy and force it to bite you repeatedly on your kneecaps.

Thank you  for your understanding and cooperation in this matter .

One Response to “HostBluff – New Terms of Service Entry : Use of Colors”

  1. cheeky lad

    Damn you HostBluff and your sexist rules. First you ban the use of vitamin B12 and now THIS!
    I… just… can’t… take… it… any… LONGER!
    (sad face)

    You are still my favorite host, highly recommended and DAMN sexy!

    May 9th, 2012 Reply