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HostBluff is Issued US Patent Number : 3254548518581515

Attention All HostBluff Customers,

I am pleased to announce that has been issued its first US Patent – 3254548518581515, “The Transmission of useless Junk over a public network”. As such, we are going to start suing the following companies for allowing the transmission of useless content over the internet;

  • US Lawmakers
  • EU Lawmakers
  • ALL Government Websites
  • RIM (BBM)
  • Yahoo
  • SOPA Supporters
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • All Dating Websites
  • Fox
  • AOL
  • Apple
  • GoDaddy

We ask that if you own any of these companies, please obtain $50,000,000 in small, unmarked bills and contact us for more information on where to place it.

We are also in final stages of getting US Patent 30945806958 Approved (“the ability to use letters to make words”). Our lawyers expect it by the end of the week

One Response to “HostBluff is Issued US Patent Number : 3254548518581515”

  1. HostBluff Employee #162 Debbie

    Im so horny and drunk right now

    HostBluff “Drunk Horny Support” Team

    April 25th, 2012 Reply