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HostBluff Forums Now Open

Attention All HostBluff Readers,

We have listened to your feedback and decided to implement the easiest request so you guys dont think we sit around doing nothing. Its official, we have opened the HostBluff Forum.

The forum is divided into 3 sections;

  • General – This is a general venting area, almost anything goes here
  • HostBluff Horror Stories – Feel free to come up with your own creative complaints. They could be based on factual experiences or completely made up.
  • Customer Support  – We now have an official help desk, come up with your own crazy support requests to see how we respond.
  • MarketPlace – A place for other hosts to put an ad to their services. You must make them funny and in some way bash HostBluff (ie – you wont get rats in the server but we will compensate you with uptime.)

There are a few simple rules with the forum that we ask all follow.

  • You are free to call out your provider or leave it anonymous. We only ask that you not call out competitors that you have never does business with.
  • Almost anything goes however we may need to sensor some things.
  • Have Fun
  • The Marketplace – All ads must be funny. If you are the sort of person who registers for several forums only to copy/paste the same ad, this is not the place for you. All ads must show that you know and understand the HostBluff Culture.
The Forum can be found :


One Response to “HostBluff Forums Now Open”

  1. Ashley

    Hmm, what are you doing?

    The forums should always be closed, this unnaceptable to offer Support to your Customers.

    I will report this at WHT immediately.

    May 4th, 2012 Reply