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HostBluff Announces New Cost Cutting Method : Cheaper Kibble

Attention all HostBluff Customers,

We are happy to report that we have found a new way to save an extra $4.00 per month by switching to a lower quality of kibble to feed our support teams. This has allowed us to lower the prices of several of our hosting plans.

2 Responses to “HostBluff Announces New Cost Cutting Method : Cheaper Kibble”

  1. Mike

    I can’t see the price decreases? are you scam or what?

    April 22nd, 2012 Reply
    • admin

      Well, yes we are a scam, thanks for asking 😀

      You can see the lower prices on our home page, SEO Hosting Page and VPS Page. Out VPSs used to start at $950.00 per month and now they are down to $0.79. New lower prices for dedicated servers and reseller will be up soon

      April 22nd, 2012 Reply