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HostBluff Alert : Support Staff Missing

Attention all HostBluff Customers. About an hour ago, I unlocked the doors to our support desk cell and noticed that everyone was missing. I sounded the perimeter alarm and released the hounds. There is a strange smell in the air.

Update 2:32 PM – One of our guards reported that all of the vending machines have been broken into and robbed of all salty snacks including the Cheetos, Doritos and Ho Hos.

Update 2:55 PM – Our lead sniper just reported back saying that the numbers “420” have been written on all o the bathroom mirrors. We are still investigating the meaning of this strange text.

Update 5:58 PM – Attention all HostBluff customers, our K9 unit reports that they have recovered our support staff. They were found in the basement of naked, playing Super Mario Brothers on an old Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It also appears that they wrapped the TV in a layer of bacon. We assure all customers that they will all return to their posts shortly, after a harsh beating .

2 Responses to “HostBluff Alert : Support Staff Missing”

  1. Client #465 Kevin

    You guys don’t know what 420 means? Are you living under a rock?

    April 23rd, 2012 Reply
    • admin

      We (upper management) know what it is, our employees however DO live under a rock

      April 23rd, 2012 Reply