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A Memo from the CEO

Hello all HostBluff customers. As many of you know, we have officially been open for 2 weeks and have some exciting news to share with all of our victims;

  • HostBluff has been visited by over 700 unique visitors in the past 2 weeks but only 400 of you clicked the order page… WTF to the rest of you, we need to feed our kids too.
  • HostBluff has been mentioned on several other websites including WebHostingTalk and LowEndTalk. A note to the LowEndBox Admins, please approve my account. I will spell out the username so even the most simple minded person can find it. I have only been waiting a week. It is H-O-S-T-B-L-U-F-F. Kay, thanks bye
  • Over the next few days, HostBluff will be making some changes that will include;
    • Fireing the guy who brings me my coffee int he morning, I said SPIT not Sugar
    • Stopping all of the Unexpected Uptime
    • Redesiging our Blog

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