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    Where to start?
    1).Was chatting with a new host. (Big Fish). During our chat, i asked if such and such selling was possible with the said account. He assures me i can sell the particular type of hosting.

    I signed up immediately!
    Come to find out, i can not sell the particular type of hosting account. I was told the agent made a mistake. Thats all. Ok well the program enables it, can i do what i was told i could do? ” We are sorry, The agent made a mistake”. So no, the thing that sold me during chat, is not possible.

    2). I was told that they can move my old cpanel accounts for me free of charge. I give them access to my VPS to process the move. 3 hours later i get a reply: “We was able to move one account XXX, We can no longer access the VPS with password XXX, The password has changed, Please send us the password”.

    I NEVER changed my VPS password! WTF? Are they now messing with me? I tried to use the password i gave them and It no longer works. My host that the vps is on never message me that passwords was changed or any warnings of suspicion. My only guess is that they changed the password to FK with me.

    I login to Veportal and changed the password. Sites where finally moved, however the first time they did it, they did not move the public_html folders!! So yes another hour everything is right.

    3) I moved to these guys because i was under the impression that their support was rock solid. My second day and i am finding support tickets not answered, to support tickets answered in 5-6 hours. You would be surprised to who this host is. I can not believe the situation i am in. This is unacceptable.

    I may switch over to If my current host does not get with the program, i may spill the beans.


    We are happy to hear about your issues with your current provider and would be happy to steal you away

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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