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SEO Web Hosting

Our basic SEO Hosting Plans are designed for the unemployed young adult who has developed an indoor tan from spending hours on online video games.

  • 224.12 Class C IP Addresses
  • mPanle 11 Control Panel
  • SEO Services
SEO VPS Hosting

If you feel the requirement to really screw something up, a HostBluff VPS is for you. With full root access, you can destroy all of your files without any of those stupid error messages stopping you!

  • (123) Class C IP Addresses
  • mPanel 4S Control Panel
  • 2 Fishsticks per month
Shitty Dedicated Server

If your the kind of person that wants to pretend that they have a whole computing cluster at your fingertips, our shitty dedicated servers are for you. You will still get root access so you can destroy it at any time

  • Extra Snake Oil
  • "Get off my Lawn" Support
  • 123 Class F IP Addresses

Welcome to HostBluff is a leader in futile SEO Hosting. We use several pretended SEO tactics to almost guarentee that your site is never found on Google, in fact the only ones who will ever know you are using our SEO Services are our Accountants because we overcharge. Some of our deceitful options include

  • Multiple Class C IP Addresses
  • Snake Oil
  • Backlinks on sites that no one ever visits anyway

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